Ok I need to rant for a sec. (Regarding Taiji mass dolphin slaughter)

This shit is fucking despicable. 
Happening in Taiji right now: A baby pilot whale was drowned to death while in the cove, with it’s mother watching helplessly awaiting her own slaughter. Another pilot whale was also purposely run over by a fisherman’s boat. Several whales have died from the struggle. After a large portion of the pod was slaughtered for meat, several whales were released back out to sea, but they were too scared, and did not want to leave their dying family members so they will be killed with the rest tomorrow. Did I also mention they throw themselves onto jagged rocks in a desperate attempt to escape? This is the treatment these animals receive BEFORE they are suppose to be actually killed. 

I have heard lots of defense for these Taiji fisherman; they need to make a living, this is their tradition, and that this is no different from the slaughter of cows or chickens in farms. And for the most part they are right and for a second it seems acceptable, but when you see this shit happening, when you see the deliberate suffering caused to these animals, the babies swimming in the blood of their family members for hours or days, there is no justifiable reason. Dolphins are wild animals, they are not cows that bred by the millions. 

I am in no way defending factory farms or hunting or anything like that, but you would never see this type of cruelty happen at a respectable slaughterhouse. There is no dignity in an animal having a slow painful death and being so traumatized it can’t move. Humane slaughter laws protect farm animals to an extent and when these laws are broken PETA or the like goes after them, and the farm can be shut down. When people hunt deer etc. they are not suppose to kill females or babies and they don’t kill the whole herd for the sake of a single trophy. 

Why should whales and dolphins, animals which are extremely intelligent and sensitive be subject to the most cruel and inhumane treatment before death?

I know a lot of you people can’t bring yourselves to care about this issue,  but it is something I’m passionate about. 

Here is the blog talking about these events: http://www.seashepherd.org/cove-guardians/operation-infinite-patience-november-2-2012.html